How Long Will My Pillow Be?

One of the most important aspects of your customized pillow is its length. I created my first pillow so that I could have something to hold that would remind me of my newborn's size forever. So tiny! 

My baby was 19.5 inches at birth, so my pillow should be 19.5 inches long, right? Actually, it's not that simple. Newborns spend their gestation bundled up tightly in the womb. Their legs were folded up under their body for 9 months and when they're born, they like to stay that way. So while my baby was 19.5 inches long when the nurses held his legs straight to measure, he was actually only 14 inches long when swaddled in the picture above. Look at those bent little knees. When I created my first keepsake pillow of him, it needed to be 14 inches long to be accurate to my baby's size. If I made it longer, his head looked way too big!

So, how long should your pillow be?

The short answer is any length you want! If your goal is to make your pillow feel the most accurate to your newborn's size when you hold it, I would suggest shortening the pillow length to take into account their folded legs. If you aren't sure how long that should be, I am happy to help. If your goal is for your pillow to represent the full length of your baby at birth, let me know so that I can customize your pillow image to account for the extra length.

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